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Menu & Recipes

Based on your individual constitution, the season & time of the day and planned in manner as explained, you can tailor-make personal menu options that will keep your doshas balanced at all times. A few indicative menus have been suggested here for your easy reference. With a number of delicious recipes of some of the items that are tastefully and healthily just right for you.

# Please note in these menus, notations indicated denote:
G Grains, breads, cereals, rice & pasta
Vegetables & fruits
Meat & meat alternatives
Dairy, milk, milk products
Other foods, sweets, condiments and beverages

Ideal Menu for Vata





Oatmeal muffins or
Pancakes (G)
Seasonal Sweet fruits
leater 1 hour before any
other food (U). Breakfast
Tea with Sweetner if

Creamed wheat porridge (G)
Milk for porridge if desired (D)
Breakfast Tea with Sweetner
if desired.

Chapati (G)
Saffron Rice (G)
Mixed Vegetable(V) or
Moong Dal Khichri (Vata) with Ghee and cilantro( M)
Sweet Lassi or tea (D)
fresh lemon,Peanut Chutney (O)
Lunch Tea or'Lassi (O)
(have tea 1 hour after Lassi)

Chapati / Puri / 'Plain Rice" (with soup) (G)
Carrot Vegatables sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. Moong Dal Khichri (Vata) or
Tur Dal Soup No. 2 (M)
Almond (D)
Fresh lemon (squeeze on vegetable) (O)
Sesame Chutney (O)
Vata Tea (O)

Dinner Spinach Subji (V)
Tapioca Khichri (M)
(Grains should not be eaten with Tapioca Khichri) (G)
Fresh lemon or lime for Khichri (O) Sweet Potato Khir (O)
Dinner Tea (O)

Chapati (G)
Wheat tortilla (G)
Baked sweet potato with (V)
one egg or roasted, ground sunflower seeds (over potato) (M)
Fresh lemon (O)
Creamed Wheat Squares (O) Dinner Tea (O)

Ideal Menu for Pitta





Oat bran muffin with ghee or oat or wheat granola (G)
Seasonal fruit (V)
'eaten 1 hour before any other food) Milk for cereal, if desired (D)
Mint Chai or Agni Tea, (O)

Creamed Wheat Porridge or Oatmeal (G)
Milk or ghee with porridge, if desired (D)
Breakfast Tea with maple syrup or sweetener, if desired (O)


Chapati (G)
Basmati or 'Plain Rice" (G)
Bitter Melon or Green Bean Subji, small salad with oil (V)
Pachak Lassi (D)
Fresh lime for beans (O)
Mint chutney (O)
Lunch Tea (have tea 1 hour after Lassi) (O)

Chapati (G)/ 'Plain Rice" or Saffron Rice (with vegetables) (G)
Squash, Moong Dal Khichri (Pitta) or Kidney Bean fried (M) Carrot Halva or Pachak Lassi or tea (D)
Squeeze of lime (O)
Cilantro Chutney (O)
Lunch Tea or Lassi (have tea 1 hour after Lassi) (O)

Chapati (G)
Fried Rice (G)
Mixed Vegetable Soup (V)
roasted, ground sunflower seeds to sprinkle on soup (M)
fresh lime for soup (O)
Dinner Tea (O)

Chapati or Puri (G)
Potato Subji No. 1 (V)
Lentil Soup or egg white omelet (M)
squeeze of lime (O)
Agni Tea (O)

Ideal Menu for Kapha





Puffed Millet or Oat Granola (G)
1/2 cup Skim Goat Milk or Soya Milk, if desired (D)
Kapha Tea with 1 tsp. Honey, if desired (O)

Creamed Rye or Spiced Oatmeal Porridge (G)
or Suitable Fruit (V)
Kapha Tea with Honey (1tsp.), if desired (O)


Un-yeasted Rye Bread or Spiced Cooked Millet or Barley (G)
Green Bean Subji (V)
(protein is from bean and grain combination) (M)
Fresh Lime or Lemon (O)
Carrot Chutney (O)

Corn Tortilla or Cornbread (G) Cabbage Subji (with Khichri only) (V)
Moong Dal Khichri (Kapha) or Tofu and Vegetables (M)
Fresh lime (O) Green Mango Chutney (O)



Mixed Green Salad with Lemon or Lime Juice (V)
Tapioca Khichri (M)
(grains should not be eaten with Tapioca Khichri) Fresh lime or Lemon (O)
Turmeric Chutney (O)
Agni Tea (O)

Un-yeasted Rye Bread or Rye Crackers Poha with Potatoes (G)
Corn Soup (V)
Protein from corn & rye combination (M)
Fresh lime (O)
Cilantro Chutney (O)
Masala Tea (O)

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