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Cirrhosis of Liver

The liver, the largest organ in the body, is essential in keeping the body functioning properly. It removes harms from the blood, produces invulnerable operators to control spoiling, and evacuates germs and microscopic organisms from the blood. It makes proteins that control blood clotting and prepares bile to help retain fats and fat-dissolvable vitamins. You can't live without a working liver. In cirrhosis of the liver, scar tissue trades typical, healthy tissue, hindering the stream of blood through the organ and preventing it from filling in as it might as well. Cirrhosis is the twelfth heading explanation for demise via disease, executing in the ballpark of 26,000 individuals every year.

Cirrhosis is an compilication of many liver diseases that is characterized by irregular and capacity of the liver. The diseases that lead to cirrhosis do so on the grounds that they harm and execute liver cells, and the inflammation and repair that is connected with the expire liver units causes scar tissue to structure. The liver cells that don't perish reproduce in an attempt to displace the units that have expired. This brings about bunches of recently structured liver cells (regenerative knobs) inside the scar tissue.

Causes of Cirrhosis of Liver :

  • Chronic hepatitis C
  • Chronic hepatitis B and D
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Fat deposition in liver
  • Certain Viruses

Symptoms of Cirrhosis of Liver :

  • Itchy skin
  • Yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes
  • Dark urine
  • Upper right-sided abdominal tenderness
  • Unexplained flu-like symptoms

Home Remedies For Cirrhosis of Liver :

  • Papaya seeds additionally work effectively in natural process liver cirrhosis.
  • To enhance the potency of the drink add three hundred milliliter of juice to two hundred milliliter of spinach juice.

Complications of Cirrhosis of Liver:

  • Ascites
  • Edema
  • Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
  • Bleeding from esophageal varices
  • Hepatic encephalopathy
  • Hepatorenal syndrome
  • Hepatopulmonary syndrome
  • Liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma)

Ayurvedic tips for Cirrhosis of Liver:

  • Kalmegh: Kalmegh, the active constituent isolated from the plant Andrographis paniculata or Kalmegh , showed considerably enlarged the % viability of the hepatocytes. For hundreds ofyears Andrographis has been a vital herb within the Ayurveda.

Panchakarma & Therapies for Cirrhosis of Liver :

Pancha karma means five purification process or therapies. Ayurveda treatments give a bigger number of accentuation on aversion than cure. That is the reason counteractive action is dependably superior to cure.

  • Aminotransferases -AST and ALT are moderately elevated, with AST > ALT. However, normal aminotransferases do not preclude cirrhosis.
  • Alkaline phosphatase - usually slightly elevated
  • Gamma-glutamyl transferase - Correlates with AP levels. It is typically much higher in chronic liver disease from alcohol.
  • Bilirubin - May elevate as cirrhosis progresses.
  • Albumin - Levels fall as the synthetic function of the liver declines with worsening cirrhosis since albumin is exclusively synthesized in the liver.
  • Prothrombin time - Increases since the liver synthesizes clotting factors.
  • Globulins - increased due to shunting of bacterial antigens away from the liver to lymphoid tissue.
  • Serum sodium - Hyponatremia due to inability to excrete free water resulting from high levels of ADH and aldosterone.
  • Thrombocytopenia - Due to both congestive splenomegaly as well as decreased thrombopoietin from the liver. However, this rarely results in platelet count < 50,000/mL.
  • Leukopenia and neutropenia - Due to splenomegaly with splenic margination.
  • Coagulation defects - The liver produces most of the coagulation factors and thus coagulopathy correlates with worsening liver problems.

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