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About us

Sunaina Mehra, is the pioneer and leader of herbal care in Trinidad. With a burning desire to recapture an ancient heritage, Sunaina Mehra has taken India's Ayurvedic tradition to Trinidad. She introduced a totally new concept of "care and cure". She has always looked ahead, towards newer challenges, incorporating the latest techniques and introducing unique innovations. Her natural instincts and foresight have always led her to the next frontier, with her finger on the pulse of international demands. Hers is the story of the human spirit that transcends geographical boundaries and encompasses the entire world. It is a story that is an inspiration to others to follow their dreams with faith and courage.

Every day I experience the joy of witnessing positive changes in my clients' personal lives and careers, as well as their self-image, largely because of the effects of improved facial and body skin complexion.

The gratifying changes our clients experience are the result of many dedicated years in practice.

The majority of our customers have been referred through positive "word of mouth" by satisfied customers, their friends. Many of our recent new clients come from this web site published on Internet.

Our clients come to us with a variety of different skin conditions such as: severe blemish breakouts, clogged pores, white heads and blackheads, excessive oiliness or dryness, advanced aging processes, increased sensitivities, and intense allergic reactions to the sun, air pollutants, and/or makeup.

Here at Aryanveda India, it is our goal to help re-balance and restore the skin to a normal condition that can be maintained on a regular basis.

Usually, we recommend monthly facials combined with a consistent at-home regimen. These practices are not only hygienic, but also prevent premature aging-truly an investment in the future. Our face and body treatments involve a customized, individual approach to each client's needs. Each product we use is a unique and stunningly effective formula that will produce outstanding results. The techniques and products used in our skin care treatments are time-proven, based on traditional practices. The synergy of our techniques, products, and equipment is designed for a lifetime of skin improvement and maintenance.

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